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    Full Spectrum Tincture 2400 mg (30 ml)

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    Full Spectrum Salve 1000 mg (1oz)

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    CBD Isolate Hemp Extract Tincture 500 mg (15 ml)

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Quality and Purity

Exceeding expectations is our focus. At Pur IsoLabs we are committed to offering hemp CBD products of the highest quality and purity, so our customers can be confident in a consistent, incomparable product. With involvement at every step of the process, Pur IsoLabs is able to provide unrivaled quality, reliability, and transparency backed by experience and a passion for wellness. This care and passion is paramount in the development and production of all of our CBD products, ensuring the best product every time.

Experience and Expertise

We know our ingredients and the science behind them well. Recognized as Texas’ first hemp CBD company, Pur IsoLabs has spent the past 5 years researching the science, ingredients, and formulation that goes into our products. We are a true hemp CBD company that engages in custom formulation as well as ongoing research, ensuring our products are the best on the market. With our in-house formulation, as opposed to outsourcing, we are able to ensure the same quality and experience for our customers consistently and reliably.

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