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Experience and Expertise In Texas Hemp Farming

We are a true hemp CBD company that engages in custom formulation as well as ongoing research. With our in-house formulation, we are able to ensure the same quality and experience for our customers consistently and reliably. This care and passion is given by our mission to help people live balanced lives.

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About Us

Recognized as Texas’ first hemp CBD company, we know our ingredients and the science behind them.

Dr. Sarah Clements

Thanks Pur IsoLabs’ pharmacist, Dr. Sarah Clements, is a Registered Pharmacist, who received her Doctorate of Pharmacy from The University of Texas with a background in Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University. She has over 22 years of pharmacy experience, providing excellent patient care and customer service.

Sarah’s pharmaceutical background, in conjunction with her passion for CBD, enhances Pur IsoLabs’ product formulations to ensure the most effective, high quality hemp CBD products on the market.

Press Highlights

The first cannabis hemp farm sets up shop outside of Boerne
You can tour a hemp farm near San Antonio