Lone Survivor Foundation

Pur IsoLabs x Lone Survivor Foundation

Pur IsoLabs x Lone Survivor Foundation – partner to give back, because invisible wounds need visible relief.

Pur IsoLabs was born out of our founder’s passion for wellness. We work with the best, honoring business relationships and otherwise (hemp growers, farmers, and extraction labs) across the country. Our company stands upon a foundation which combines CBD awareness with education, and we want to assist in finding you the right solution.

The Lone Survivor Foundation provides veterans and their families with a path to healing from invisible wounds. Together we are here to give back, combine forces and release a new line of products to act as tools.

Wellness That Serves You

This campaign features two products: a salve and a gummy. Do you or someone you love need a pure hemp solution? Integrate wellness that serves. Topical products provide immediate relief; gummies combat aches or irritation for neuropathic pain.

We offer a variety of CBD delivery methods: sublingual/oral, inhalable/vaporizers, ingestibles, and topicals. Not sure where to start? We love to educate our customers in order to customize your solution for the greatest comfort. See our guide to CBD 101 for more information. 

Get peace of mind, life, and body – strong relief for strong people. A percentage of proceeds will go directly to The Lone Survivor Foundation and those who are constantly healing from stressors post-military. 

Looking for other ways to give? There are numerous ways to get involved and abundant resources if you or a loved one needs help.

Pur IsoLabs x Lone Survivor Foundation
Pur IsoLabs x Lone Survivor Foundation

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