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We work
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hemp growers, farmers and extraction labs

Pur IsoLabs was created in 2015, born out of our founders’ passion for wellness. The company quickly grew as leader and innovator in the hemp CBD industry in Texas. Soon, Pur IsoLabs began to be recognized nationally, and globally, as an innovator in the wholesale extract business.

Because of our strategic relationships with the best hemp growers, farmers, and extraction labs in Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon, along with an in-depth understanding of the hemp plant and all of its compounds. Pur IsoLabs can tailor products for any sector of the CBD product market.

The Pur Promise


No matter your reasons for wanting to try CBD, we welcome and support our customers!


We have a special place in our hearts for our customers interested in learning more about CBD. We put special time into assisting you in finding the perfect solution for your wellness. We support and promote education around CBD to allow you to grow your knowledge.


We genuinely wish to serve from our passion for wellness. We want you to feel your best — every day. We are transparent in our ingredients and source ethically to provide you with the purest, authentic CBD experience.

Dr. Sarah Clements

Dr. Sarah Clements is Pur IsoLabs’ own local Registered Pharmacist. She has over 22 years of pharmacy experience, providing excellent patient care and customer service.

Sarah is also a local business owner with a passion for serving her community and others with her focus on health and wellness. She is a champion of CBD, promoting Pur IsoLabs in pharmacies, as well as utilizing CBD in her own businesses. Being certified in Medication Therapy Management Sarah utilizes many resources to improve health outcomes and provide informative consultations to her patients and our Pur IsoLabs clients alike.

Pur IsoLab’s Wholesale

Pur IsoLabs also has a wholesale and service division, offering solutions to farmers, extractors, large and small scale manufacturers, brands and more in the hemp industry. For more information about our wholesale and service solutions, please call us at: (830)755-8000.

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