Pur IsoLab's 2021 Holiday Gift guide

Pur IsoLab’s 2021 CBD Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season has officially taken over our lives and with that comes picking out the right gifts for our loved ones. Instead of gifting the traditional holiday candles or big tins of assorted popcorn (which are still good), how about gifts that are tailored for your people? At Pur IsoLabs, we took the time to craft a gift guide for the different people in your life that’ll fit their needs and personalities.

For the Sweet Tooths: Sugar Plum Bundle

We know at least one person in our life who loves a good sweet assortment. They may be the ones you give the big candy canes filled with their favorite chocolates. This year, you can switch up their candy with something that’s not only sweet, but can help in other areas of their life. With our Sugar Plum bundle, your giftee will receive an assortment of:

  • Delta-9 lollipops 
  • Plus a pack of our Delta-9 gummies. 

For the Dreamers: Silent Night Bundle

To the dreamers in our life, we love them dearly. That’s why we created a Silent Night bundle, to help the dreamers in our life find their peace in sleep. This bundle comes with:

  • 1500 mg Pur Z Tincture 
  • Pack of our gummies 

These items help allow our dreamers to do what they do best, dream! 

For the Self-care Lovers: Mistletoe Bundle

Self-care is important for everyone, but we know you may have someone in your life that lives and breathes self-care 24/7. For the self-care advocates, we have the Mistletoe bundle. This bundle comes with: 

  • 2400 mg full spectrum tincture 
  • 2000 mg full spectrum salve 
  • 500 mg unscented muscle relief lotion

This bundle promotes a self care routine, so you can treat yourself after a long day of work.

For the Pet Lovers: Santa’s Helper Bundle

Do you have a person in your life obsessed with their cat or dog (we don’t judge)? For them, we created the Santa Helper Bundle! This holiday bundle includes:

  •  450 mmg Pur Pet tincture 
  • 1200 mg full spectrum tincture for the humans

 This is a great bundle for people who want their pets to have the same experience as they do. Try including the PurPet tincture in your furry friend’s relaxation routine after a long day of exploring.

For the Hard Ones

We all have that one person who seems to have everything they could ever want and doesn’t really say what they desire. For the people who we find hard to shop for, we have our Pur IsoLabs Gift Cards available! These gift cards can be used on our online shop, so your giftee can grab what they want with no complaints. 

We hope our gift guide helped you choose some great gifts this season! You can shop all of our Pur Iso Holiday Bundles today so you can have unique gifts for everyone in the family! 

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