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Outdoor Sports and CBD: A Connection

It’s that time of the year when we’re heading outside to do all the fun outdoor activities. This is especially true for outdoor athletes. From the mile-long hikers to the soccer players, and the frisbee golf goers, chances are you or someone you know is doing outdoor sports. Outdoor activities, while fun and freeing, can take a toll on one’s physical self. This is where we are seeing people taking CBD products to support injury prevention and inflammation recovery

How Does CBD Work With the Body?

Exercise-induced inflammation is the body’s way of healing itself. Constant inflammation, though, can take a toll on your joints.

To help with inflammation, we recommend a full-spectrum CBD over a broad spectrum. The full spectrum will get a range of cannabinoids and work its way through as many of your receptors as it can. 

What CBD Should I Take if I Do a Lot of Outdoor Activities?

Regarding CBD, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why at Pur Isolabs, we’ve created a variety of CBD products for you. 

Pur Z Rest Tincture

Sleep is an important part of muscle recovery. If you’re struggling to maintain consistent sleep cycles, our Pur Z Rest Tincture will help do the trick. The tincture contains 500 mg of CBN, and 500 mg of CBG, in addition to 500 mg of CBD. This innovative combination is excellent in supporting a restful night’s sleep after a long day of being outside through the mind and body.

For people looking to reduce their exercise-induced inflammation, our Full Spectrum Salve may do the trick. Lather this salve on your muscle aches and joint pains that you get from outdoor sports and you’ll find great relief. 

No matter what you’re doing outside during each of the seasons, our Muscle Relief Lotion will help keep your skin hydrated from the screeching summer sun or the dryness of the winter. This premium activated whole hemp extract lotion is one of our finest blends, consisting of a proprietary blend of oils, butter & botanicals.  

Have More Questions?

We know that starting any new health regime can seem a little daunting. At Pur IsoLabs, we are happy to help you with answering your questions. Contact us today, so we can help determine what CBD products are best for you depending on the outdoor sports and other activities you do. 

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