Buddy Gummies

Make Buddy Gummies Your Wellness Accountability Buddy in 2023

If self care is at the top of your New Year’s resolutions list, buddy gummies are here to help you take care of yourself all year long! Accountability buddies are a proven way to create healthy habits, but more importantly, keep them going. Buddy gummies are an easy solution to implement into your wellness journey in a fun and delicious way that will keep you on track throughout the year.

Set a reminder at the same time every night to take your buddy gummy ( and any other night time vitamins ), so that you can stay on track of your wellness journey – and why not find an IRL buddy to experience this relaxation experience with and make it a weekly / monthly self care night!

Find the Buddy Gummies Made For You

Say Hello to Relaxation in 2023

Leave stress in 2022 with the Δ8 or Δ9 buddy gummies. These gummies are designed to be a perfect companion for unwinding after a long day or simply finding a moment of peace. While these two varieties offer relaxation properties, Δ9 is said to be about twice as strong as Δ8. If it’s your first time using CBD products, consider starting with Δ8 and working your way up to the stronger version.

Get Better Sleep In 2023

The Δ8oa variety will be the perfect buddy for you with its unparalleled relaxation experience. They will have you drifting off to sleep in no time. This variety differs from the Δ8 by offering a tiny bit less of CBD in them with only 50mg. This 5mg difference in the gummies is the difference between pure body relaxation versus a sleeping aid. 

Elevate Your Mood In 2023

HHC is a variety of gummies that has absolutely zero THC levels. This variety of gummy has mood elevating effects to leave that grinch version of you in the past! HHC also has muscle soothing properties and can offer stress relief in some individuals. 

Did you find your perfect accountability buddy for the new year? Staying on top of your self-care resolution has never been easier ( or tastier )! Shop now to add these delicious blue raspberry, peach and passion fruit flavored gummies into your nighttime routine or self care nights and transform into your best self in 2023!

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