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How to get through the Holiday Stress the Pur IsoLabs way

The Holidays can be a happy and yet daunting time of the year for some. Between the long travel times, the planning, the gift shopping, and for the real MVPs a.k.a the hosts of the Holidays, this season isn’t all mistletoe and tamales. When the Holiday stress starts to feel overwhelming, it can manifest itself all over our mind and body through sleepless nights, sour stomachs, and those unwanted migraines. When all this comes into play, we quickly realize that we have turned into the Grinch himself. Luckily, Pur IsoLabs has some suggestions you can use to ease the stress of the Holiday season, because we’ve been there before. 

CBD for the Holiday Travelers

Whether you’re flying, driving, or taking a train to be with family, travel can be stressful. CBD products, such as Pur IsoLabs’ tinctures, contain anti-inflammatory properties. Add CBD to your long distance regimen to prepare for long days spent out of the house.

Don’t Lose Your Holiday Glow

As we think about getting the perfect gifts and planning all the Holiday activities, we can start to get stressed and it can show. Luckily, CBD is an antioxidant that helps battle against free radicals that produce the ageing in your skin. Add CBD into your skincare routine today! The best way for CBD to help your skin is by lathering yourself in a topical that’s right for you. 

Combat Bad Digestion

During the Holidays, our good eating habits are pushed to the side for seconds on Grandma’s homemade mashed potatoes filled with all the good stuff our taste buds love, but our gut hates. After we have filled ourselves with good food, our stomachs may feel like they are tossing and turning. Win, win situation here – just take a tincture with the recommended amount and you’re all set for a big meal. 

Survive the Family Chit Chat

In one scenario, we may have our Mother-in-law asking you for the thousandth time when you’re going to start having children. In another scenario, you may be asked by Aunt Helen what you’re doing with your life. They may mean well, but sometimes family talk can be stressful. You can combat this by taking a little bit of CBD, any kind you want, before the party. CBD is known to help you relax and stay calm, so you can answer unwanted questions and be able to handle all the family chit chat that goes on. 

Don’t let the craziness of the Holidays make your heart two sizes too small. With the power of CBD, you can help balance your mind and body, so you can be fully ready for the New Year upon us. 

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