Got Gummies: Red Bottle of Passion Fruit Gummies


Discover fields full of life and wonder this summer at Texas’ first Hemp farm. You and your friends will learn how our hemp is planted and grown. You will also learn how we transform hemp into your favorite CBD products. Take advantage of this opportunity! Did we mention you’ll be able to test our products during your tour?

Top Favorites

Got Gummies: Bottle of Sour Blue Raspberry Gummies

Sour Blue Raspberry

$25.00 – $60.00

Got Gummies: Orange Bottle of Twisted Peach Gummies

Twisted Peach

$35.00 – $75.00

Got Gummies: Red Bottle of Passion Fruit Gummies

Passion Fruit

$25.00 – $60.00

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Pur Iso was a great experience. I love touring the hemp farm and buying So many products like the D-8 Gummies !

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