1 g Colorado High Blend Cartridge

$ 45.00

  • iKrusher Pro Cartridge
  • 1 gram
  • 955 mg per cart
  • Contains 70% HHC, 25% O, 0.5% P and 4.5% terpenes
  • Super Sour Diesel terpenes
  • Made in the USA with USA grown hemp and always independently 3rd party tested

Our Colorado High Blend Cartridge is a sativa vape, showcased in a top of the line iKrusher 1 g pro cart.  This creative and energizing blend yields a euphoric feeling and is great for daytime use.  This  Colorado High Blend features Super Sour Diesel terpenes.

Each premium disposable contains 955 mg of 70% HHC, 25% O, 0.5% P and 4.5% terpenes, creating a potent one of a kind experience.

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